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Our services at Willful Change are arguably unparalleled to none, and designed to exceed your expectations.  With years of personal and professional experience speaking publicly, delivering thought provoking and inspiring trainings, our goal is to bring you supports and services that meet your growth and development needs. Our service lines of Keynote Speaking, Training and Coaching are inspired and designed around specific topics;


Effective Communication Through Intention  Connections

This learning system will provide, proven practices and principles that not only help you to become an effective communicator but most importantly an intentional connector. 


Becoming a Person of Influence

Influence as we know it, is a key component for success both in the professional arena in addition to, our social lives. This Learning system will equip you with best practices on how to effectively increase and multiple that influence to reach it's maximum potential. 


15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Everyone desires personal growth and development. Many spend years seeking the best route to take, sadly enough only a few actually find it. This learning system will provide you with 15 invaluable laws of growth that will serve you as a personal tour guide. 


Leadership Gold

This learning system contains years of experience and leadership lessons that are meticulously designed to help you become a better leader both in your professional and personal life. Any great leader knows that before you lead others you must first master leading yourself. 

Putting Your Dreams to The Test

This learning system is a step-by-step plan revolving around 10 essential questions. The more affirmative answers we have to those questions, the more chances of success we have. This strategy includes asking a group of people that know you well to answer these questions for you. If most of their answers are ‘yes’, you will know for sure that your odds of success are high.


We all have a longing to be significant. We want to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe significance is unattainable. This learning system will help you take that first step, and the ones that follow on your personal path through a life that matters.


Intentional Living


How To Be A Real Success

In How to be a REAL Success, you will understand the keys you need to succeed in life. Whether you are a civil servant or a corporate executive, you will achieve great things by understanding four very important success building areas: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, and Leadership.


Developing The Leader Within You 2.0

Everything rises and falls on leadership. The world becomes a better place when people become better leaders. Developing yourself to become the leader you have the potential to be will change everything for you. This learning system outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others from any type of leadership position.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For any of our learning systems or services you wish to invest in for your growth and development needs. 

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