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About me

Greetings and thank you for gracing my page. I am Wilbert Weche, often referred to as "Will," and I am honored to be a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach affiliated with the John Maxwell Team. My mission is to serve and add value to every individual I encounter on this transformative journey.

Like many entrepreneurs, I too have wrestled with the profound question of purpose during countless sleepless nights. The quest led me to introspect on my interests, strengths, and passions. Armed with these insights, I embarked on a deliberate path to align my professional pursuits with my core values. The culmination of this introspection led to the inception of my own venture—a growth and development company specializing in leadership development, personal growth, and professional excellence.

Choosing the name for my company was a meticulous process. "Willful Change" encapsulates not just my moniker but also embodies meaning and substance. Derived from my first name, meaning "willful & smart" or, as some sources indicate, "bright will," the term 'willful' resonated deeply. It signifies being deliberate and intentional, qualities essential for impactful change. Rooted in this philosophy, I am dedicated to providing a distinctive sense of value to my clients, guiding them through a transformative journey where they learn not just from success but, crucially, from failure.

At Willful Change, I extend a warm welcome to all who are earnestly seeking genuine growth and development in their lives, underpinned by a deliberate and intentional commitment to progress. Join me in this intentional pursuit of excellence and let us embark on a journey of purposeful transformation together.


Let’s Work Together

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