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About me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page. My name is Wilbert Weche however, I often go by "Will", and as a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team, It is my pleasure to serve and add value to all that I come in contact with. As many or even all entrepreneurs have sat and asked themselves the question of "What is my purpose" I too have spent many sleepless nights contemplating this question, wondering what line of business could I get into that would give me the most fulfillment and satisfaction. From there I was inclined to ask myself, what are my interest, strengths and passions. My answers lead me to explore opportunities that would allow me to exercise and practice what I have uncovered. Ultimately my goal to be self-employed, while incorporating my passion, strengths and interest, this combination took me down the path of entrepreneurship where I would establish a growth and development company that specializes in leadership development, personal and professional growth. I meticulously named my company Willful Change as the meaning of my first name means willful & smart or according to other sources "bright will". I wanted a company that encapsulated my name but also had meaning and substance. The word willful, meaning deliberate or intentional, stood out to me because in order for impactful change to occur in our lives one must be intentional and deliberate in their pursuit. Standing firm on this philosophy and belief, I strive to deliver a unique sense of value to my clients while taking them through a journey that allows them to learn through their failures and not their successes. At Willful Change, I welcome all who seek  genuine growth and development in their lives and have an intentional desire to work towards achieving it. 


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