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About US

Founded in 2021, Willful Change is an innovative training and development firm renowned for its unique, non-traditional approach to igniting profound introspection among our esteemed clientele. Whether you engage with us during one of our compelling keynote presentations, enroll in our comprehensive training programs, or benefit from our personalized coaching services, our primary objective is to guide you through a transformative three-stage learning journey: Awareness, Training, and Practice.

Our core philosophy hinges on the belief that our clients possess untapped reservoirs of potential and that the solutions they require to achieve their aspirations already reside within them. As your collaborative partner, our mission is to incite profound reflection, rigorously assess and stimulate your commitment, and ultimately, galvanize you to take purposeful strides towards realizing your coveted objectives.

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To provide a non-conventional style of training, coaching and development that provokes thought, commitment, inspiration and action. 

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To create a unique growth experience that challenges my client to learn through failure and not success

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