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Client Testimonial 

Here's what clients had to say


Danielle G
Medical Professional

Wilbert came into my life at a very chaotic time. I was just getting out of a toxic relationship and moving to a new state with no family or friends. I didn’t really know what steps to take next, but I knew I needed to make them fast.  Wilbert put a lot of effort into getting to know me and my situation. He is very talented and generous with his time. He listens very carefully and encourages you to make your own life decisions based on the shared tools he provides. I knew I was in the right hands and on the right track within the first session. I have applied to nursing school, became a certified Notary Officer, started saving to purchase my first home, invested in properties  and even started working on two of my businesses. Wilbert is a blessing and I would recommend him to  everyone looking for a Life Coach. 

Tom R.
Standards & Training Mgr


Prior to the group learning experience, I felt I had a good foundation in communication, connection, and leadership through formal training with the military and through my current employment.  However, after the group learning experience with the sharing and reviewing the reading materials, I realized I had some gaps in my understanding.  The way Will facilitated the training helped to fill in those gaps and resulted in greater comprehension. My leadership acumen has increased substantially by way of the material and Will's ability to explain how it can be applied to real world leadership challenges.  

Anyone who feels called to lead others would be well served by investing in Will's services.  Will's approach to leadership development is not "cookie-cutter."  While foundational principles of leadership are covered and thoroughly explained, he makes every effort to personalize it to address questions and concerns you may have.  In addition, he has the training and experience to provide guidance and direction as you navigate the complex issues that leaders face today. 

Trae V.
Regional VP
(Financial Services)

I'm a Regional Vice President for a large Financial Services company and initially became interested in Willful Change to enhance my leadership capabilities. Will has a special talent of asking the appropriate thought provoking questions, to uncover more about yourself and your personal development journey ahead. He is blessed with the ability to provide a calm, controlled, yet productive and uplifting environment to facilitate growth outside of your current comfort zone. I strongly STRONGLY recommend Willful Change to any individual looking to raise their level of personal performance, awareness and overall human experience. 10/10.

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