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standards of meeting conduct

The standards of conduct for this community are ethical standards that not only represent the professionalism of Willful Change LLC, they are the very standards that all community members are expected to follow during our times together. Please read the standards carefully and if you should have any questions please feel empowered to ask for clarification and support. 

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Goal & Aim

To establish a safe space that is conducive for growth and development regardless of where you are in your current growth journey. This community is designed to empower and inspire action, action that would have remained dormant if it weren't cultivated in the correct environment surrounded by like-minded individuals who also seek support, awareness, training and the discipline to act. 

Safe Space

Regardless of where you are on your journey, all members are expected to respect the learning process of others. Respect for others and their beliefs and or opinions on a subject matter we may discuss, is their current reality and should never be marginalized or dismissed as if it didn't have value. How you wish to be treated is how you are expected to treat community members. 

Content Use

The material used and discussed in and during our trainings are content that Willful Change has a license to use for training, coaching and keynote speaking purposes. Content discussed during trainings must never be re-recorded during or after our recorded session for personal use or re-uploaded on social media or other social platforms. 

Put in what you want out

What you expect to get out of this experience must match what you are putting in. Participation is key as we are all here to learn from both the content we are reviewing and from each other. Be ready to contribute your throughs, perspective and opinions as it could be helpful and or the perspective needed to help ascend someone to the next level in their growth and development. 

Revolving Door

This community is designed for growth and development. Enter and leave as you please. Our live recorded trainings will take place on a specified day of the week and will be synchronous. Join as many weekly trainings as your schedule permits. There are no obligations to attend a specific number of trainings, your monthly investment covers you for the full month whether you attend all or one. 


Our time together will be live-recorded for internal use only. Only members with an active subscription will be permitted to access and view. Topics and discussions around current or former employers that are shared must be shared at your discretion. Willful Change maintains a very strict client privacy policy and we ask that you do the same regarding members comments, opinions or thoughts concerning leadership or staff from current and former employers. Members are encouraged to speak freely however, please understand that the time we spend is for personal growth and development and not to air out, vent or bash others or employers, rather lets spend that time brainstorming on solutions and actions steps you are committed to taking. 

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